GW1 Issue 105 – Eyeballs, Gum and Avocados

We all survived the outdoor Oddmall: Riverside Ramble in Canton last weekend, so we have the full download in this episode. Of course, by the end of the show we end up talking about anything and everything (including Andy’s kryptonites), but we do sneak a bit of geek news in there. Listen now! 

Newcomers – introducing even more residents to the awesomeness of Oddmall; random performers at the open mike

Shenanigans – Brock in the river; podcast tangents; travails of the Eye Wash; porta potties

What makes Oddmall different – family, community, fun

Shout out to the volunteers… and Krystal… and Greg!

Next Riverside Ramble is June 23, 2017! Geek vehicles, punk marching band, pet parade

Geek talk – a few tv trailers dropped last week; streaming services; BBCA clip commercials and previews



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