GW1 Issue 133 – Nazi Punching Crisis

Kylan is MIA this week, but Andy joins us at the outpost to share some updates and chat geek. We’re covering the impressive Crisis on Earth-X CW shows crossover from last week. Plus we have Oddmall news and some interesting happenings in the geek world. Listen now! 

Oddmall updates – working on the outpost, DIY with Andy, Chrishanukwanzmadan is this weekend!

News – Mulan casting, Hellboy reboot release date, big box office for Marvel/Disney, Gremlins returns to theaters this month, American Gods without a showrunner, first image of Robin from TitansTeen Titans Go 200th episode

Crisis on Earth-X – the multiverse, character interactions, Easter eggs, how well the plot worked, why it was better than Justice League



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