GW1 Issue 134 – To Be Oddly Frank

This week, not only did we record from Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan, but Kylan is back!We’re sharing some of the fun from the weekend and, finally, talking The Punisher. As usual, there are some interruptions from various characters at Oddmall and we have some interesting geek news to share from the past week. Listen now! 

Oddmall – interesting cosplay in the costume contest, talking story time with Kylan, visit from Sandy Claus and his fellow pirates, the fantastic Kim Kennedy, cool vendors

News – Jessica Jones season 2 trailer and date, Disney/Fox deal announcement, Wolverine serialized podcast, new animated hero movie from Marvel, comics on Hoopla, War Games interactive series

The Punisher – what we thought, whether it was too violent, how well the character was portrayed, important plot points, showing PTSD of soldiers



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