GW1 Issue 141 – Pillaging and Plundering

We’ve seen the mid-season finale of Vikings and there’s so much to talk about! We recap what’s been going on in the show and where we think the story is heading. But first, Kylan and Dawn let us know how things went at the reading festival and we share some news about the upcoming Oddmall. Plus there are some tidbits from the geek entertainment world that you may have missed over the past week, so we’ve got you covered. Listen now!  

What we’re up to – Akron Reading Festival recap, Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere is next weekend, quick review of Super Hero Stuff Black Panther Hero Box, a new Small Town Monsters kickstarter

News – Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer, Gambit production on hold, Deadpool 2 full trailer, animated Deadpool series finally in production, Valiant acquired by DMG, Jack Ryan tv series, Jumanji’s big global box office take, Westworld viral marketing, DC fans and Black Panther, Bendis comicbook developments

Vikings – We have reached the halfway point of season 5 and a lot of ground has been covered, sometimes literally with all the travelling characters have done



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