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Childhood 2.0 – Voltron Revisited

One of the things “they” say about parenting is that it gives you a chance to be a kid again. If all the 80’s reboots of toys and series aren’t evidence enough of that, I don’t know what is. So naturally, when I heard about the Voltron reboot (a few years after the fact, as I’m typically behind the times), I got excited. I also wanted to relive the old series, while at the same time, introducing a classic to my own kid.  Continue reading Childhood 2.0 – Voltron Revisited

Special Guest Post – Survive the Horde Kickstarter

GW1-blog-guestA couple months ago (back in Issue 67), we had some Gen Con coverage that included an interview with Evan Johnson, the creator of Survive the Horde Party Game. At the time, he was giving people a tease of the game before it even hit Kickstarter. Well, the time has come and the Kickstarter is now live, so we thought we’d have Evan provide a follow up and give more details about the game.  Continue reading Special Guest Post – Survive the Horde Kickstarter

Special Guest Post – Be the Hero

GW1-blog-guest(Submitted by Heather Hopp)

I started reading comics when I was 11 or 12. There were a handful of local shops, maybe 4 or 5, and I would go with my grandpa and frequent them on about a monthly basis. I rotated stores. I was into completely collecting back issues, especially X titles. So many of those owners knew who I was by sight, if not by name.  Continue reading Special Guest Post – Be the Hero