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Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind

The other day I was reminded of probably the most unusual lesson I had ever been taught in my entire life. By this point I was in my mid-20s and had been studying the martial arts for about 10 years. In that time, I had never learned how to deliver a proper sidekick. It always came out ugly and threw me off balance. I hated this because I loved kicking! I would throw roundhouse, front and back kicks all day long. My crescent kick was decent, but I hated that evil sidekick. But all of that changed with a horse ride through the woods.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind

Irregular’s Intel – I Have A Plan!

It’s no secret that I am a reader… so much so that my license plate says it! Now, 2017 was a busy year for me and I did not read much, AT ALL. As a matter of fact, it is probably my lowest year since… I don’t know… before I could read? Yeah, I’m not proud of it… as a matter of fact, I left a couple of unfinished books back there, too. But, that is ok because I am going to turn this ship around! How? Well, like the title says… I HAVE A PLAN!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – I Have A Plan!

Irregular’s Intel – Why?

Ok, someone needs to explain to me why there are 48 medical dramas, but it takes an act of congress and a small living sacrifice for a decent spy show to stick around for longer than 3 months? I mean, seriously! There’s only so much drama one person can take! And, on top of that, there’s hardly any real work getting done at said hospitals… the mortality rates must be through the roof!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Why?

Irregular’s Intel – The Last Jedi and Leadership

Like pretty much every other Star Wars fan I went to see Ep VIII last weekend. I left thoroughly enjoying the movie and am happy to see the saga taking the direction that it is. Now, there is quite a bit of subtext to the movie, but I found myself being inundated by a message that felt like it was a tutorial just for me. The movie felt like a series of object lessons on leadership… how it is done right, how it is done wrong, and the importance of keeping a cool head in the midst of chaos.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Last Jedi and Leadership

Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture

I am an animal lover. I have 3 dogs and they are all important to me. Now, I’ve had many dogs over the years and they all seem to have fairly laid back personalities. But I am wondering if their personalities are as unique as humans? I mean we have differing types of jocks and princesses, nerds and Goths, so do they have that too?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture