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Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

A certain legendary superhero is celebrating a major milestone this week, his 1,000th issue. No, this blog is not about that, but it does address a certain rule that he and most associated with him do follow: the “no killing” rule. The rule is, basically, regardless of how evil an individual is or what they’ve done, said hero will not end the villain’s life, at any cost. Now, think about that for a moment. On the surface it appears to be the most moral of rules. It shows respect for all life and also shows that there is another way. How wonderful is that? Or is it?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – How Moral is the “No Killing” Rule?

Irregular’s Intel – When Did Being Educated Become Being Elitist?

Earlier this week I was talking to a dear friend who was lamenting about the down stream effects of not knowing your history. This then evolved into not valuing education. I know that going to an institution of higher learning is damn expensive. Definitely more than it was when I was in school over 25 years ago. In the last several years I’ve seen schools pop up that are more along the lines of trade schools. They are good in that they are able to provide training to get individuals into the workforce quickly and get them earning decent wages without the hefty price tag of a 4 year degree. But I can’t help but wonder are we missing something be doing away with teaching the humanities. I may be wrong, but the schools focus on teaching their students a trade or career, not how to process information from various disciplines. Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – When Did Being Educated Become Being Elitist?

She Geek Critique – For the Sake of Nostalgia

It’s fair to say that geeks are born, not made. It’s just something that’s in us from the start – we gravitate to those things that put us in the category, whether it’s pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, books, games, science, technology or whatever else is considered beyond mainstream. As such, a big piece of being a geek is indulging in nostalgia. And these days, there are plenty of ways to do that, from collectible figures to movie memorabilia to reboots of shows to movies based on favorite books. But there’s a distinction between true nostalgia and simple reminders.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – For the Sake of Nostalgia

Irregular’s Intel – Too Much Focus

Today we are pushed to focus on the job at hand, focus on your passions and to focus on whatever someone is telling you to focus on. Now focus can be a good thing – it breeds attention to detail and is integral to a job done well. But there is a flip side to this. And on the flip side come the times we miss what is around us that can bring joy that we will never know.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Too Much Focus