Comics Cosmos – Alice in a Winter Wonderland

Of course we’ve all watched holiday specials on television. But for years, even comic books have come out with special editions in December. And this year Valiant brings us Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special, starring one of their most popular heroes, Faith. 

Though set at Christmas, the story is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and moves between “real world” and the fantasy realm. The world of Wonderland is being consumed by an evil Queen. The White Rabbit arrives in the real world to find Faith – she’s the only one able to overcome the evil and get Alice back. And yes, there is a rabbit hole involved.

Winter Wonderland is a good standalone issue with the feel of the regular Faith series. It’s a bit of a feel good plot, but it works because it’s a seasonal piece. And there’s a good message about the importance of creativity and imagination.

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