Comics Cosmos – A Dog’s Life

Even if you don’t know much about the Inhumans, one member you are likely already familiar with is Lockjaw. You may not know him by name or what his status or powers are, but if nothing else, you know he’s the giant dog. If that’s the case or if you want a refresher on the best dog in the Marvel universe, the Lockjaw: Dog Days collection is what you need. 

This collection includes stories from various titles and eras featuring the teleporting dog of the royal family. It provides not only a good look at everyone’s favorite alien canine, but is also a good intro to the Inhumans in general and even a bit about the Fantastic Four. The first story, from a 1986 comic, is a great way to see the connections between the Inhumans and the rest of the Marvel universe while getting their back story too. (It’s also quite a glimpse at 80s comic book art – the over-the-top hairstyles and costumes are so worth it!)

A couple of the stories have Lockjaw as more of a background character, but they still provide a good look at his character and powers. The more recent stories that feature him add a little depth and make him all the more likable. The collection has a nice variety of stories and art, and it’s good that they span a few decades to show just how well established the character is.

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