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About a year ago Preacher, a tv series based on the Vertigo comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, made its debut. It follows far-from-holy preacher Jesse Custer in a very small town in Texas and the lives of the often horrible people who live there. The first season of the show was actually a prequel to the comics, so even fans were treated to the unexpected every week. 

With the second season barely a month away, we have already seen teasers for what’s to come. After the introduction to the main characters of Jesse, Tulip (his sometimes girlfriend who has a way with weapons) and Cassidy (an Irish vampire… yes, really) and a season finale which saw them hit the road, the show will finally be getting to where the comics started. And if you’re not familiar with the general story, well there’s a bit of heaven and a lot of hell and a big battle for what’s stuck on earth.

Preacher is not a religious story – it’s a story about surviving a war and getting revenge. It’s funny, can be deep at times and is pretty disturbing (lots of graphic fighting and plenty of blood). But the story is really well told, both in the comics and in the show. It’s engrossing and makes you cheer for people you probably wouldn’t want to run into in your daily life. But it’s a great escape.

If you want an idea what the show feels like, check out this promo for season two. If you can handle that level of crazy, it might be the show for you.

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