Gotham Gal West Coast – Unspoiled Panther

Our west coast correspondent managed to get tickets to an early screening of Black Panther. Here’s her non-spoilery teaser review…. with basic story taken from the trailers.

With Black Panther, Marvel delivers one of its most cohesive, plot-driven origin stories yet. Filled with an unforgettable cast, this film will have you immersed in the magical, technology-driven world of Wakanda. 

As Prince T’Challa reluctantly takes the throne after the death of his father (seen in Captain America: Civil War), he must respect the past and history while leading his country, which is looked upon as primitive and third-world by the rest of the world, into the future. Can T’Challa find balance within his country AND the way the country is perceived by outsiders, or will a more insular approach work best? Whatever the case, T’Challa must rise to the crown or become its newest victim.

I was really impressed with the cast, the story and the production of Black Panther. It offers a great mix of what moviegoers want, along with what makes a compelling film. There are awesome fight sequences, beautiful landscapes and some pretty cool CGI. And, as with all Marvel movies, there are TWO after film teasers. Be sure to stay for the whole credits so you don’t miss out on something important!

My spoilery review will be forthcoming. Just know that if you intend to see the movie, it has some great effects for IMAX3D (how I saw it) and is great enough even for the person who has no idea of the Black Panther lineage.

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