Irregular’s Intel – Geek Retirement

Everyone eventually retires, everyone. It doesn’t matter what you do or did for a living, inevitably, it all ends. Through the years I have been sold this idea that has never really fit with me and it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized why. It is the notion that when I retire that I’m gonna want to travel the world, play lots of golf, and go on group cruises with a bunch of people my age… um, nope! 

I’m not that close to retirement, but it is something that I think about. I go to cons and at some point I’ll ask myself if/when will I go to one, not knowing that it’ll be my last because I’ll be “too old” for those things? I was chatting with someone over the weekend and he said something that struck a chord with me: he planned on hitting all the cons when he retires – and there it is folks! Geek retirement is finally getting caught up on ALL of your comics, hitting all of the cons, gaming all night with no consequences, and so on and so forth! I’m feeling a bit of lightness in myself as I write this!

This is the retirement that I want! Maybe I’ll travel and go on cruises, but you better believe that I’ll be geeking out! Maybe I’ll still be going strong with GWI and MMG, maybe I’ll be into something else, who knows? But know this: I will forever be geeking! So, no thank you golf and brunch clubs, I’ll be over here filling in the holes in my Power Man and Iron Fist collection while listening to nerdcore!

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