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Last week, some Marvel employees went out for milkshakes and decided to tweet a selfie… and the trolls lost their shit. They made comments about how these people were the reason that Marvel’s sales were going down and they needed to back off of the feminist agenda/SJW bandwagon and blah, blah, blah. I’ve been stewing over this for days now and I don’t want to give the trolls any more attention than they’ve already gotten. But I have a few things to say about this and I kinda feel like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 when all of his armors are out, lined up and ready to take on the Extremis injected AIM soldiers. In other words, I’m about to take these basement trolls to church! 

Look, women like comics, they always have. Even when you were proud to own your little corner of the comic shop/convenience store/drug store or wherever you went to get your fix. You and your brotato chips were not the only peeps who were hip to what the X-Men were putting down. If anything, the unknown female probably got a better understanding of the material than you ever did. While you were ogling the way Rogue was drawn, the phantom she geek was identifying with not only being an outsider to the cools kids, but also to her own kind because they thought that it was impossible for a female to grasp the depth of the developing story. If only you’d open you eyes and ears.

Now, not only have women always been fans, they have always been creators too! It would blow your broflake minds to know that Stan Lee’s departed wife had an active role in the creation of some of your favorite characters, huh? Not that you’d care, but maybe you should read up on the creation of Wonder Woman. Oh, here’s something that you might not like to know… my favorite writer of the Nightwing series is a woman! Devon Grayson… she’s awesome… look her up! And, being a HARDCORE Marvel fan, I can honestly tell you that it is not the female writers who are behind Marvel’s recent challenges – I don’t care who the writer is, I just want a good story. If you’re caught up in the gender of your writers, it sounds like you may have some other unresolved issues there, broseph!

So, brofessors, it seems that at the heart of all of this hate and negativity are some insecurities and unresolved issues. Did you get stood up one too many times? Mad because you never found your “Penny”? Or maybe you just don’t wanna share the playground with the icky girls (kooties!!)? Either way, it’s time to get up out of your mother’s basement, take a damn shower and realize the world has changed. Attacking comic artists, writers and editors just because of their gender is sad and pathetic. They are knocking it out of the park on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis…with or without your support.

So it’s time to let the balls drop, man up and give respect where respect is due. Now some may take offense to this and no longer read my blog or even listen to Geek Watch One. Know what? Let ‘em walk! I don’t want or need that kind of support anyway. I stand with the ladies… so #makeminemilkshake too!!

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