Playing Around – Dreamcasting Xbox

It’s been more than 15 years since Sega’s Dreamcast gaming console was first released in the US. It had a lot of exclusive games that, as popular as they were, have not been recreated on current platforms like Xbox or PlayStation. But coming this summer, the WinDCe10 emulator will let you play all of your favorite Dreamcast games on Xbox One. 

The emulator has no region lock, supports save/load state, has video/input configuration and turbo mode. And best of all – it’s free! It’s not officially supported by Microsoft, so it won’t be in the Xbox One games store, but because Xbox One is a pretty open system, it won’t be difficult to get the emulator running.

You can see the announcement video on YouTube and visit the official website of designers XB1EMU for more information. The drop date is noted only as “summer”, but they are seeking donations to speed up the process. And if enough donations are received, the plan is to create a PS2 emulator for Xbox next.

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