Playing Around – Happy Adventures With Cyanide

If you’re into pop culture and web comics, you no doubt know about Cyanide & Happiness. If you don’t recognize it by name, you will definitely recognize the stick figure characters. Well now that dark humor is going to be available in video game form. Yes, you will soon be able to play in the world of C&H with The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

Following on the heels of a hugely successful card game launch in 2016 (C&H’s Joking Hazard is the second most funded card game in Kickstarter history), the first chapter of The C&H Adventure Game has an expected release date of December 2018. The kickstarter, which runs until October 5, easily surpassed its goal of $300,000, so the full development of the game is pretty much guaranteed.

The basic premise of the game involves high school students in the C&H universe who face the apocalypse (because of course they do). It’s a point and click adventure with the dark humor and surreal craziness fans of the web comic would expect. Three chapters are currently planned, but if the kickstarter reaches certain stretch goals, there’s a possibility of more.

The kickstarter page has a great intro video and lots of details on levels and stretch goals. You can get the game download for only $25, which is $5 less than the game will cost upon release. But for gamers into soundtracks, $45 will get you the game, wallpapers and a digital download of the music.

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