Playing Around – Storming the Castle

Back in 1986, Konami came out with the now classic action game for Nintendo called Castlevania. Set in the 1600s, players get to explore Dracula’s castle, with the ultimate goal of actually defeating Dracula. Along the way there are battles with Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, Medusa and more. The original game was followed by two sequels, plus a fourth game that retold the events of the first. The entire series has a lot of fans and now there’s an animated series to enjoy as well. 

Castlevania the series premiered on Netflix in July. It’s based on the third game in the franchise and follows Trevor Belmont, an ancestor of Simon Belmont from the first game (yes, the third game is a prequel of sorts), as he defends Wallachia from Dracula… after his wife is burned at the stake as a witch. He is aided in his efforts by a magician and Dracula’s son.

One great thing about the series is that the folks at Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind the show, are fans of the game franchise. As geeks know, these projects always seem to work out best when the creative minds behind them are also fans. Also interesting is the fact that the script was written by comic book legend Warren Ellis, initially as a film about 10 years ago then adapted to a series format.

So if you’re a Castlevania fan, like a bit of anime style and want to see the events of the game unfold, catch the series on Netflix. The first season is only four episodes long, but it’s already been renewed for a second season of eight episodes.

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