Playing Around – Surviving the Masquerade

Are you a gamer who loves all things gothic? What about the spooky tales of Edgar Allan Poe? Well there’s a new tabletop game from IDW Games currently running a kickstarter (and already fully funded) that may pique your interest: Masque of the Red Death

Based on the Poe story and with fantastic art by Gris Grimly, Masque is a game of deduction in which popularity is key, if you survive the night. You play as a noble attending a masquerade ball at the abbey of Prince Prospero. Perusing the various rooms of the abbey, you strive to become popular, but must also pay attention to rumors that begin swirling as the night goes on. At midnight, the Red Death appears and the only way to survive is to avoid being in the room with it!

Masque is a game for 4-7 players and is expected to release in July this year. Aside from the retailer bundle, there is only one pledge level of $60, which gets you the deluxe edition of the game available only through the kickstarter. There are also no stretch goals, so you get absolutely everything… and it’s a lot. There’s the main game board, rule book,  player boards, player screens, tiles, cards, standees, meeples, miniatures, an art print and more. Check everything out on the kickstarter page – it runs until January 26.

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