She Geek Critique – Trying to Keep Up

With everything going on in daily life, it is often difficult to keep up with hobbies and interests. Sure, hobbies are supposed to be casual and enjoyable like writing, painting, reading, hiking, baking and the like. But when your interests are constantly updating and hobbies involve timeframes, you can lose track and things pile up before you know it. 

By now you know I keep track of a lot of geek news and events, so I’m reading blogs and articles about my fandoms (and others) on a daily basis. That means less time to devote to other hobbies like writing and reading. Of course, I do a lot of writing for the blogs on our site, which are kept to a schedule, so that’s less time to do my own writing.

But I think the thing I notice most is the effect on my reading, especially comics. Like a true comic geek, I’m at my local comic shop every Wednesday when new issues are released. And yes, there’s a pull box too. So I get anywhere from one to three titles on a weekly basis. Some weeks I can read an issue or two, but other weeks I don’t get to them. Not surprisingly, I have a backlog – a literal stack – of unread comics. Plus there are the trades and graphic novels I pick up here and there as well.

How to solve the “problem” and get back to my leisure reading? I force myself into it. That may not sound like I’m enjoying things, but that’s not the case. I make myself take the time to sit, relax and catch up on a run of issues. It may mean missing a favorite tv show or delaying a website update, but so what? Things will be there waiting when I’m done, just like your tasks will be there for you too. It may be a “stop and smell the roses” sort of thing, but no one ever said that was bad advice!

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