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Gotham Gal West Coast – Harley and the Bats

DCU’s newest film, Batman and Harley Quinn, brings The Caped Crusader, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn together to find Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (aka The Floronic Man). The trio has a limited amount of time to find the couple, as they root out the secret to the bio-restorative compound, which will allow plants to retake the Earth.  Continue reading Gotham Gal West Coast – Harley and the Bats

Irregular’s Intel – Representation Counts

We live in a time where every notion or concept has a hashtag. It can get to the point where it becomes overwhelming, or tedious even. That’s not to say that they don’t have meaning, but to address all of them would take a full 140 characters by itself! But I digress. Yesterday, my brother posted something on his FB that caught my eye – an African American male cosplaying as Batman. Now this, in and of itself, was not new to me. But to read his story I was reminded of how black kids could not be Batman, Superman, Captain America or Doctor Strange because we didn’t look like them. We could be Spider-Man, Iron Man or anyone black because either you couldn’t see who was under the mask or armor or they looked like us. Being kids we didn’t know better, but it did kinda suck, to be honest about it all.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Representation Counts

Best Geeky Finds – Batman & Bill

A couple months ago, not completely paying attention, I noticed the characters’ credit line in the closing credits of Gotham:

“Based on the characters created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.”

I hadn’t thought much about this at first. Superman is famously created by Siegel & Schuster, so having two creators didn’t strike me as unusual until I picked up a Batman book from the ‘90s and realized that Bob Kane had been the only creator credited in most books.  Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Batman & Bill

Miss Dawn’s Musings – A Good Start

Whether in comics or on television or at the movies, a well-told origin story is a satisfying experience. You get the background of the character, their strengths and faults and how they came to be. And when it comes to heroes and villains, you get at least some of the motivations that drive them in whatever quest they may be on.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – A Good Start

Miss Dawn’s Musings – When Casting Goes Wrong

Blog-MDMBack in November (right here), I talked about how casting can count for so much in a comic book movie, how it really helps when you have actors who look the part when a movie is based on another visual medium like comics. Well, after seeing Batman v Superman last weekend, I stand by my opinion on casting. Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – When Casting Goes Wrong