Irregular’s Intel – Representation Counts

We live in a time where every notion or concept has a hashtag. It can get to the point where it becomes overwhelming, or tedious even. That’s not to say that they don’t have meaning, but to address all of them would take a full 140 characters by itself! But I digress. Yesterday, my brother posted something on his FB that caught my eye – an African American male cosplaying as Batman. Now this, in and of itself, was not new to me. But to read his story I was reminded of how black kids could not be Batman, Superman, Captain America or Doctor Strange because we didn’t look like them. We could be Spider-Man, Iron Man or anyone black because either you couldn’t see who was under the mask or armor or they looked like us. Being kids we didn’t know better, but it did kinda suck, to be honest about it all.  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – The Importance of Cosplay Etiquette

Blog-MDMThis one is going to get a touch rant-y, but I make no apologies. Cosplay is a growing passion among geeks, showing up more at conventions and even being noticed by the mainstream. Unfortunately, this means there are a lot of people out there who don’t know cosplay etiquette. I’m not referring to the “norms” who gawk at it either. I’m talking about fellow geeks who attend cons and seem to think that it’s ok to make negative, often derogatory comments about cosplayers. And then there are the touchers and picture takers, but we’ll get to those. Continue reading

Whatz Your Geek? – Katie from Nerd Girl Cosplay

VickyThis week I talked to Katie Starr – Nerd Girl Cosplay to find out her geek.

V: Who are you?
KS: Mild-mannered teacher by day; power tool wielding, wig wearing cosplayer by night.

V: What’s your geek?
KS: Cosplay mainly, but that takes in all my geeky interests. I like comics, movies, creating, history, sewing, makeup, and a healthy dose of pop culture. Continue reading