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Irregular’s Intel – The Former Expanded Universe

Those of you in the know, know what I mean when I say “Former Expanded Universe,” AKA Legends. About 25 years ago, or so, books were published that gave Star Wars fans tales of what happened after the Battle of Endor. These stories were complete with timelines, new characters and mostly logical destinies for our beloved characters. Some believed dead returned and were developed into truly interesting entities while others became as legendary as a Skywalker or a Solo.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Former Expanded Universe

She Geek Critique – Why Be Geek

As mainstream as it may seem at the moment, being a geek is still considered outside the norm. Some of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by fellow geeks and, thus, somewhat insulated from it. But people still question how someone could be such a big fan of certain shows or characters or even entire genres. They don’t understand the appeal of surrounding yourself with your pop culture fandoms (though they blindly accept sports fandoms!).  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Why Be Geek

Irregular’s Intel – Obscure Fandoms

Earlier this week, I was researching something and it led me to something else, which led me to something else, which made me ask, “is there a t-shirt for that thing?” which there was, of course. Now, mind you, said thing is an obscure character who most people would have forgotten even existed, unless you were a fan of a certain show. Now, on the same day, I asked my loving wife, if she was on a mission to purchase t-shirts would she purchase the one I had found as well as an even more obscure reference to something in a major fandom. We all do it… there are certain things we geek out about that most people who share the same fandom will ask ”what?” and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Obscure Fandoms

She Geek Critique – Not My Fandom

Obviously, geeks love their fandoms. That is, after all, a big part of what makes us geeks to begin with. Whether it’s the worlds created in books or movies or games or on television, one we find what we enjoy most we take a deep dive and immerse ourselves in it. Of course, not every fandom is for everyone and there are a few biggies that I just cannot get into.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Not My Fandom

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Mistakes Were Made

We all make mistakes sometimes, some little and some pretty damn big. (Did you catch that Best Picture flub at the Oscars last night? Pretty sure that’s in the “big” category!) But when it comes to geek movies and tv shows, those mistakes get picked up quick because the fans pay such close attention and, at times, pick scenes apart frame by frame.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Mistakes Were Made