Irregular’s Intel – Defending Your Geek

Earlier this week I was talking to a coworker about The Dark Tower. I admitted that I had not read the series, but thought that the movie was alright, but I had the feeling that fans of the novels would not be happy. This led to a discussion about movie adaptations as a whole and then segued into movie adaptations of animated properties. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – The G.I. Joe Movie We Deserve

Blog-IIIn 2009 we got something on the big screen that fans had been waiting on for a long time, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Now, as a fan, I was excited to see that we were finally getting a live action G.I. Joe movie. But I had heard of some of the changes that were being made in the interest of wider appeal, and I was ok with that, I got it. But there were other changes that were made and additions and whatnot… and what we ended up with was not G.I. Joe.  Continue reading