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Irregular’s Intel – The Geek Holiday Survival Guide

Some of us are going to be spending time with groups of people who are outside of our norm. They just don’t get us. Why are we so weird? What is that book? What is an RPG? As geeks, we can isolate ourselves from the “norms” and get lost in our world because we surround ourselves with others like us. But once the holidays come around, we get that stark reminder – but that is OK! I am here to give you the survival guide to get you through!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Geek Holiday Survival Guide

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Last Minute Rush

So you promised yourself this year you’d get everything done early so the holidays wouldn’t be such a stressful rush, as they always seem to be. You got the decorations up in good time, mailed out cards, made lists of what presents to get… but you never quite got around to going to the mall… or other stores… or Amazon. And now there’s less than a week until Christmas and you haven’t finished your shopping! Well if you’ve got geeks on your list, I’m here to help.  Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Last Minute Rush

Comics Cosmos – ‘Tis the Season

It seems appropriate to provide a bit of a gift guide for those who have comicbook fans in their lives, but no idea what to get them. After all, not every geek is into comics (shocker!), so it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to try and sort through what to get those who love them. Of course, individual fandoms vary, but here are some ideas to hopefully help you out.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – ‘Tis the Season

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Patriotic Heroes

Blog-MDMThis weekend was bookended by two national holidays: Canada Day and US Independence Day. (I’m Canadian and American, so I celebrate both.) There are some similarities in both the reasons behind the holidays and how they are celebrated. But I’m not going to get into history and what not (you can look that up if you really want to know). I want to talk about national superheroes. Continue reading Miss Dawn’s Musings – Patriotic Heroes