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She Geek Critique – An Atomic Explosion

I saw Atomic Blonde over the weekend and I liked it (if you’ve seen the trailer, there was never any question I’d enjoy this one). The plot is not all that original (spies, double agents and double crossing), but the setting, characters and action make it a stand out. Let’s face it, some of the most intense scenarios in the spy world would have taken place during the Cold War. Atomic Blonde is set during one of the most tense periods in that war – the week the Berlin Wall fell… and the story unfolds in Berlin.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – An Atomic Explosion

Comics Cosmos – America the Beautiful

Marvel’s new series America (issue #1 came out last week) is a breath of fresh air among superhero comics. It features America Chavez (aka Miss America), not only one of the few openly gay heroes in mainstream comics today, but also one of the few Latina ones. Plus, the series is skewing slightly younger than most comics right now, even having young adult author Gabby Rivera as writer (also Latina and queer, btw… another step in the right direction).  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – America the Beautiful

Comics Cosmos – Love Is Love

In June 2016, a tragedy occurred in Orlando: the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Not long after, comicbook writer Marc Andreyko reached out to writers and artists and anyone who wanted to participate about putting together an anthology as commentary on the tragedy and to show support for the LGBT community. (All proceeds from sales of the book go to support victims of the shooting and their families.) The result was Love Is Love, published by IDW and DC.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Love Is Love