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Best Geeky Finds – Spin the Record Backwards to Learn Its History

And as the flames climbed high into the night,
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died.      – Don McLean

Music influences our lives in many ways. It helps us deal with difficult moments, makes us think of memories, influences moods. It can change lives. The musicians behind the music change our lives. In 1959 when the plane carrying Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens crashed, the world wept as three musical legends were lost. The music died. If music influences our lives in such a way however, one wonders if something, or somebody, more influences them. Could this be where all the hidden messages in songs and records played backwards come from? Even more, are they influencing our legends to get to us? Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Spin the Record Backwards to Learn Its History

The Gamer Geek Blog – Make Mine Music

GGBHey geeksters!

So I was on my college radio station last week, talking about video games of course, and something I didn’t notice until at least half way through the show was that they were playing music while we were talking. I found that rather odd until I realized that we take the music in most games for granted, which is sad because a lot of games have amazing soundtracks, like Xenoblade. Half of its soundtrack is orchestrated and the other half has a more robotic feel to represent the organic and robotic half of the game, which is an amazing concept for a Wii game.

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