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Comics Cosmos – Saving the Future By Force

It wasn’t that long ago (barely a couple of weeks, actually) that I wrote about the superhero Faith. Though that was a one-shot holiday special, the ongoing series is a great read as well (and I’ll write about that eventually… promise!). Valiant recently used the character to bring together all of their big heroes in the miniseries Faith and the Future ForceContinue reading Comics Cosmos – Saving the Future By Force

Comics Cosmos – From Here To…

The exploration of our known universe and beyond is nothing new for comics. In Marvel and DC, the cosmos is littered with all manner of heroes and villains attempting to take over or save entire galaxies. And now Valiant is stepping into that realm with the new series Eternity. Written by Matt Kindt with art from Trevor Hairsine – the team behind Divinity – this short-run series is expanding the Valiant universe into the cosmos with not only new locales, but also new characters on the level of gods and mythology.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – From Here To…

Comics Cosmos – All the Valiant You Need

cc Whether you’re starting a new title or have been into a character for awhile, there comes a point when you want to know more about them. You might know the stories they’ve been involved in, but perhaps not their entire history. Or maybe you want to make sure you didn’t miss any of the pertinent details. Sure, the big two have had their versions of encyclopedias over the years, but now Valiant has the Valiant Universe Handbook. Continue reading Comics Cosmos – All the Valiant You Need