Playing Around – Video Game to Tabletop

Dark Souls is a popular role play videogame franchise that was first released in 2011 and quickly gained a big following. It takes place in an open world environment, so obviously there is a lot of exploration involved. The plot isn’t too detailed, but basically there’s a prophecy that must be fulfilled and you’re the one to do it. Oh, and there are plenty of monsters and magic thrown in along the way. And now, you can attempt to fulfill that prophecy with friends in a tabletop version.  Continue reading

GW1 Issue 101 – Finales, Premieres & Yelling Kam

We’re at The Malted Meeple this week with our crew and some friends, talking about a few season finales and premieres. We start out with lots of Oddmall news… because it’s less than a couple weeks away! Plus there are some just-announced movie release dates and a couple of new tv trailers to cover. Listen now!  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Good Ol’ Days of Krull

We all know that nostalgia puts a shiny, happy filter on the past, making it difficult to find fault in the things we love. As geeks, we know this all too well as the games, comics and movies of our youths are a beacon of what made us who we are. I was reminded of this over the weekend when I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in a very long time: Krull.   Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Keep Listening

This week will be a bit more serious. While it will have been three weeks since the Thirteen Reasons Why premiered on Netflix, as I write this it has only been days since I binged the series opening weekend. Unfortunately, this was just after several difficult weeks of depression. That said, despite the wonderful representation of Jay Asher’s book as a television miniseries, the story’s strong discussion of suicide, bullying, and rape did not allow for a positive week following.  Continue reading

GW1 Issue 100 – Keepin’ It Steamy

It’s our 100th issue! Time to do a bit of reminiscing about what we’ve enjoyed and experienced over the past 100 episodes. So many things we never thought we’d be doing and so many friends we’ve made along the way.

Then we have details on a great new RPG involving goblins from our pal Robert Turk. Of course, Star Wars Celebration was last weekend, so we need to talk about that a little. And the second half of this issue is a great interview with Aloysius Fox, proprietor of the International Steampunk Symposium.  Listen now!  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – Misplaced Paradise

What if you died and went to your promised paradise, but it wasn’t quite what you were expecting? And what if obstacles kept being placed in your path when you decided to search for the true happiness everyone claimed you deserved? That’s the general premise of The Misplaced, a four-issue miniseries available as a collected edition via a Kickstarter campaignContinue reading

She Geek Critique – Return of a Lust for Life

Twenty years ago, the world was introduced to Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud, as Irvine Welsh’s characters were brought to life on the big screen in Trainspotting. For those unfamiliar with the original, it’s the story of lower-class Scottish lads, most of whom are junkies, and the scheme they come up with to make some quick cash. Trainspotting 2 catches up to see where life has taken each of them and how, once again, they end up concocting another money making scheme.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – A New Cut of an Old Classic

In 1990 we saw Edward Scissorhands leave his castle on the hill to visit the small California town he resided in. Sadly, it did not work out for him in the end and so he fled back to his large home, all alone. He was not forgotten though. As we saw at the end of the movie, Kim told her granddaughter stories of the man who brought the snow.

So, obviously, this couldn’t be the end of the story, right? Continue reading