GW1 Issue 112 – Web-Slingers & Hot Aunts

Another summer blockbuster opened last weekend, so we’ve got your spoiler-filled review. Yes, another Spider-Man movie is out… is it worth seeing? Is it an improvement on the past ones? Is Holland a better web-slinger than Maguire or Garfield? We talk about all of that and more! Plus there were a few new Comic-Con panel and appearance announcements, Disney’s big con is coming up this weekend and, unfortunately, there were a couple of losses over the past week that we want to mention. Listen now!  

What we’re up to –4th of July excitement, shout out for tri-lam
News – Umbrella Academy on Netflix, Gotham By Gaslight animated film, D23 Expo this weekend, farewell to Joan Lee and a True Blood favorite, SDCC panel updates, Forces of Destiny cartoons
Spider-Man: Homecoming review – box office numbers, hidden villains, continuity, origins, teenagers and Easter eggs

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