Best Geeky Finds – Musical Princesses and Some Ghostly Gifts

bestgeekyfindsImagine what Disney movies would be like if only the princesses and princes were allowed to sing, and not the villains. For one, we wouldn’t have the fantastic homoerotic song about Gaston, or the epically explained plans of Ursula. This is the world Muzzled: The Musical takes audiences.

I admit, I’m both a huge Disney princess fan, as well as addicted to the next great unorthodox musical. Give me Dr. Horrible, Bat Boy, or Barackula (it’s Halloween, look it up – it’s fitting) any day. So when I started hearing about a princess musical with both Ashley Clements and Mary Kate Wiles (Lizzie and Lydia Bennet from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), I was ready. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Starting Over

IrregularIntelIn a few days I will be changing careers for the third, maybe fourth time in my life. It is a little nerve wracking, but yet so exhilarating. I get to start over, hit the reset button, if you will. This is similar to reinvention (see last week’s entry for that bit of prose), but different. I’m not making a full on redefinition of myself, merely an aspect of my life, in this case, what I do to make money. The excitement comes from my going into a completely different field, one that I have the skills for, just applying them somewhat differently. This is going to make for some interesting days to come! Continue reading

Whatz Your Geek? – Jonny from Ohio

VickyI had a chance to interview a stunt buddy of mine. Let’s find out what Jonny “Too Much” Yurco’s geek is.

V: So tell us about yourself.
J: I’m a stuntman and actor from Youngstown, Ohio. 30 years old, born in 1985 (weeks apart from Nintendo’s birthday). A Kwanmukan 4th Dan black belt with 26 years experience. Competitive shooter, and western and trick shot expert. Huge fan of comedy and “one-liners”. I get long winded with jokes a bunch which earned me the name “Too Much” among my friends and family. Continue reading

V-Yellow’s Comic Box – Why I Like the Arrow

VernComicI really like the new season of Arrow and only three episodes have aired. I never was the biggest Arrow fan – I have been a fan of the books but I just wasn’t feeling the show for the past three seasons.  I loved how they introduced the Suicide Squad, I thought it was interesting how in every episode they tell a back story of what Oliver had to go through and there are other elements I like and enjoy watching, but most of the time I was having issue with the Arrow being too much like Batman. Now I know they are very similar – they have no powers, both have to rely on gadgets and physical abilities, also at one point in time they were both millionaires/billionaires, but they are not the same charter. Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Blog-MissDawnsMusingsConsidering that Halloween hits at the end of this week, it seems a good time to talk about another of my geekdoms: the paranormal. It’s not something we talk about much on the show (I think it’s been mentioned maybe twice), but Kylan and I are paranormal investigators. A few years ago we even founded a team. But my love for all things ghosty goes back to my childhood. Continue reading

Gotham Gal West Coast – Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw

GGWestI have made no secret of my love for Image Comics – titles like Lazarus, Rat Queens, Bitch Planet and The Fade Out. I have been branching out to reading more and more of their titles, and have not yet found a series that has spoken to me in one way or another. When I received a copy of the Autumnlands Vol 1: Tooth and Claw from my brother as a birthday gift, I was really excited to read it, and boy, am I glad I did. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – LARPs

bestgeekyfindsLARPs: “In LARP, or live action role-playing game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them).”

I enjoy cosplaying whenever I have the chance to, and I enjoy playing RPGs of any format, but I have never participated in a LARPing session. The idea does not appeal to me. When I watch the web series LARPs however, I find it difficult not to be entranced by all the possible stories. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Reinvention: It’s Not Just for Hollywood

IrregularIntelRemember when Bruce Willis was a rom com lead, or when Mark Wahlberg was a rapper? How about that time Billy Blanks starred in a bunch of direct to DVD action flicks? Probably not because in each of these cases these people managed to reinvent themselves and now we only see Bruce Willis: action star, Mark Wahlberg: actor, and Billy Blanks: fitness guru. True, these people probably had agents behind them, driving them to realize the visions they each had for themselves, but, you know what? None of that matters. You have a brain and between that and a desire to change, you have everything that you need to reinvent yourself. Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Nintendo Download

GamerGeekHey Geeksters!

Before I get into this week’s news I’d like to ask for your support. My friends and I started a YouTube channel about a year ago then had to stop due to school and other issues. Now that we’re in college and have some more free time we’ve been starting it back up. But because of how YouTube works, the break we took killed our audience, so I’d like to ask you guys: would you be our new audience? Check out our channel, Otaku ParadiseContinue reading