Best Geeky Finds – Alice Isn’t Dead

Blog-BGFWhy did the chicken cross the road?

This is one of many questions posed in Nightvale Presents’ newest podcast Alice Isn’t Dead.

Alice follows Nicole, a truck driver on a cross-country trip delivering shipments to their locations, while at the same time searching for her wife, Alice, whom she had presumed dead until recently. Nicole—played by Jasika Nicole, known for her roles as Tamika Flynn in Welcome to Nightvale and Astrid on Fringe— records her trips in an audio diary, talking to Alice as if she were riding along on the journey. Sometimes this feels like a one-way conversation, while other times the audio diaries provide an insight into the people Nicole meets on her trips. Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Fixing the Leaks

Blog-GGHey Geeksters!

So E3 is coming up soonish, and while we’re all waiting with baited breath for the big publishers to tell what games they swear they are making – and realize at the end of the press confrences that everything is going to be pushed back and still come out broken and buggy (unless you’re Nintendo) – let’s take a step back and talk about something I hate now. Continue reading

Into the Unknown – Unicorns, Part 3

UnknownLogoWell another week in the world of unicorns, alicorn and bones. Don’t eat alicorn it will give you diarrhea and won’t protect you from ghosts.

The extinct Siberian unicorn lived on the earth for much longer than scientists previously thought, and may have lived alongside humans. Scientists once believed Unicorns went extinct 350,000 years ago, yet a few hundred years ago humans hunted them and ate their body parts. But the discovery of a skull in Kazakhstan provides evidence that they only died out about 29,000 years ago, so did cavemen ride them into battle with modern humans? Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Finding Your Tribe

Blog-MDMAs a geek, I have a lot of friends who are also geeks (amazingly, not ALL my friends are geeks). Sure, we have different fandoms and levels of devotion, but the overarching geekiness is what unites us. We understand each other not just because of the fandoms, but because we have dealt with being the fringe, the unpopular, the “nerds”. And we’ve survived without giving up what we love. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – A Meteor, Some Tentacles, and the Craziest Non-Star Wars Lucas Projects Ever

Blog-BGF After a meteor hidden underneath their home takes over the minds of Dr. Fred and his wife Edna, Dr. Fred kidnaps Sandy, a high school student with terrible fashion sense, for a heinous experiment. Nobody is sure what his plans were, but Dave, her boyfriend, doesn’t plan to find out. With the help of his friends, a mix of people so diverse that they would only ever speak to each other on a special episode of an ‘80s sitcom, they break into Dr. Fred’s home. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Game to Page: The Video Game Based Novel

Blog-III do have to admit, I have read my share of novel adaptations. Mostly movie, although there have been some television series thrown in there for fun, too. Oh, there was that awesome time in the mid to late 90s when Marvel turned out some really good original prose for their more popular characters. However, that is not why I write this piece. Continue reading