Miss Dawn’s Musings – Kickin’ It Old School

Blog-MDMI recently went to an old school comic con. If you’re lucky, you know what I’m talking about – a bunch of dealers crammed into a hall, maybe a couple of artists selling original sketches, but no celebrities or photo ops in sight. Sure, a few people showed up in costume (I think there was an actual costume contest at some point, though I didn’t stay for it), but it was primarily a crowd of comic book lovers looking for deals. I would say about 80% of the space was long boxes and most of what was on offer was golden, silver and bronze age issues with some current releases thrown in (especially ones with variant covers). Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Bowser?! I Hate That Guy!

Blog-BGFThe kingdom is being attacked, leaving the king and Princess Peach at risk. The royal bodyguard, Toad, is found almost everywhere around the castle, taking down Shy Guy warriors left and right. Of course, by the end Bowser kidnaps Peach, always in the wrong castle when Mario comes to rescue her. We all know this age-old tale of plumber seeks princess, reiterated time and again throughout the Super Mario franchise, but how did the events leading up to the princess’s first capture occur? Fan film Mario Warfare portrays these events and the deadly war fought by the Mushroom Kingdom and its surrounding homelands. Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – Rituals, Do You Have Them?

Blog-IIEarlier this week, I had an empty evening so I went through my queue and watched a movie that had been on my list for a while. I had been in the mood for a full on action flick and this one fit the bill: Falcon Rising. It stars Michael Jai White as a former Marine with a past that he cannot make peace with. It also features Laila Ali and Neal McDonough, which both surprised me. At any rate, as I was watching this movie, getting pulled into the story and the impressive action sequences, I felt like something was missing. Continue reading

Into the Unknown – Origins Part 1: Eating and Walking

UnknownLogoWell let’s talk about Origins Game Fair and my five days. I met Etna, a super sweet 16 year old cat. I so wanted to keep her, but all I could do was cuddle with her for two nights. She is a sweet kitty. The moment I woke up she was right there. Then there was Loki, a 4 year old pit mix that liked to lick your knees while you ate breakfast. It was an interesting take on a happy ending. Plus I ate way to much food and drank way more than I am used to, like having beer or beers with my lunch (super uncommon for me – I kinda think work wouldn’t like me drinking at lunch time). Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – House on Haunted Hill (1999)

Blog-BGFNo cheap thrills. Genuine journey to the brink of madness.


It begins with a scream… of excitement from people on a roller coaster. This actually happens about 10 minutes into the movie, but it isn’t until here when the movie appears to start loosely making sense.

In 1931, Dr. Vannacutt did cruel experiments on the patients at an insane asylum hidden on top of the hill. These experiments were so bad that when patients finally found a way to break out of their cells, they fought against staff, killing and maiming everybody who had harmed them. The asylum would become known as “The House on Haunted Hill” (please note that this name has yet to make sense in either version of the film, and I understand less why it is used in this way here).  Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – The Unknown Evil

Blog-III am a hurt man. I am hurt because I have friends and family who have been had, hoodwinked, hornswaggled, and bamboozled by something that seems innocuous, but it’s very existence is the harbinger of doom!! I hold it responsible for Noriega, Medelin, and crack! What is this thing that I am talking about, you ask? I am talking about the AVOCADO… ugh, I feel dirty even typing the word!! Continue reading