Comics Cosmos – When the Con Meets the Merc

ccIn the miniseries Deadpool v Gambit (recently released as a trade), the Merc with a Mouth teams up with the smooth Cajun con man to, what else, pull another con. The two have a secret history of working together even though, as happens with most people who know him, Gambit doesn’t much like Deadpool. But the real issue here is who’s really being conned?!  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – The Doctor Invades the US

Blog-MDMPretty sure I’ve mentioned a time or two that I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, otherwise known as a Whovian. I love time/space adventures and seeing just how the Doctor will manage to solve the latest problem and save himself (and, usually, the Earth or another planet/civilization to boot). So I was intrigued when I heard about the publication of Doctor Who: The American Adventures, a collection of stories about the 12th Doctor’s time in the US.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Where to Find Fantastic Beasts

Blog-BGF“…it is not a book to be confined to the classroom. No wizarding household is complete without a copy of Fantastic Beasts, well thumbed by the generations who have riffled its pages in search of the best way to rid the lawn of Horklumps, interpret the mournful cries of the Augurey, or cure their pet Puffskein of drinking out of the toilet.” 
– Albus Dumbledore, from the Introduction to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander.  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – Keeping Up With Jones

ccIf you haven’t been to your local comic shop lately, you may have missed the new Jessica Jones comic book. The series began in October (stemming, in part, from the popularity of the Netflix series) and, even though it’s only two issues in, it’s pretty interesting so far.  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Letting Go of a Favorite

Blog-MDMAnyone who enjoys reading ends up with some favorite authors in a very short period of time. As soon as you fall in love with a character or setting or style or series – that’s it, you want to read everything that author writes. This holds true for comics as well, though it can apply to artists as well as writers for any given title or character.  Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – The G.I. Joe Movie We Deserve

Blog-IIIn 2009 we got something on the big screen that fans had been waiting on for a long time, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Now, as a fan, I was excited to see that we were finally getting a live action G.I. Joe movie. But I had heard of some of the changes that were being made in the interest of wider appeal, and I was ok with that, I got it. But there were other changes that were made and additions and whatnot… and what we ended up with was not G.I. Joe.  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Catch Up with a New Agent Carter Operation

Blog-BGFPeggy Carter – she didn’t break many hearts, but definitely broke many legs.

Since the cancellation of Agent Carter on ABC (and its mysterious lack of availability on DVD), I have missed Peggy and her adventures, not to mention the show’s feminist approach to the Marvel Universe and the 1940s.

Thankfully I recently came across the comic Agent Carter: Operation S.I.N. After being in retirement from S.H.I.E.L.D., Peggy is thrown back into adventure after Howard Stark tricks her by sending an agent to attack her at home. Peggy and Stark fly to Moscow where they meet two informants and learn about another adversary that continues to be a badly used plot piece in the MCU – Hydra.  Continue reading

Comics Cosmos – Legion

ccFirst announced in October 2015 and set to premiere in February 2017, Legion is a collaboration between FX and Marvel Television. It’s based on a comicbook character of the same name, who is the mutant son of Professor Xavier – yes, from X-Men. This is the first series to have a direct tie-in to the X-Men movies.  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Acceptance and Inclusivity

Blog-MDMThere has been a lot of negativity lately, in the world in general and in the geek realm more specifically. The hate, the sexism, the racism, the homophobia… you can’t avoid seeing it or hearing about it. But in most cases (thankfully) it’s a vocal minority creating these issues. The majority of the geek world is rather accepting, open-minded and inclusive. And the best place to experience that is at cons when you’re surrounded by your tribe.  Continue reading