Best Geeky Finds – Literally See the Truth in Mindhorn

Have you ever considered what life was like for stars of major TV shows who were never hired after the show finished? What would Lee Majors have done if he wasn’t a big star after the Six-Million Dollar Man? If he had focused his entire acting career on one role and couldn’t act in anything else? His life would probably have been just like Richard Thorncroft, the man made famous for playing Mindhorn, the detective who can use his bionic eye to literally see if people are telling the truth. 

When the murder of Paul Melly’s (Russell Tovey) parents was revealed to him as a child, he had been watching an episode of Mindhorn. This traumatic event led Melly to believe the show he had been watching was real. Now suspected of being the serial killer on the loose in the Isle of Man, the only person he will talk to is Mindhorn, hoping the bionic eye will prove his innocence. Too bad Mindhorn isn’t real… or is he?

Calling upon the out-of-work actor whose career was ruined by his show’s spinoff, still on the air, the local police hope that Richard Thorncroft (Julian Baratt) can still play a convincing Mindhorn and convince Melly to turn himself in. Unfortunately, Thorncroft doesn’t understand that the events are real and Melly is too convinced that Thorncroft is. What’s worse, he may have had evidence to save Melly all along and never known.

Mindhorn is a comedic look at action crime dramas that could do no better than Baratt (The Mighty Boosh) and Tovey (Being Human). Considering how addicted we can become to certain shows in the age of binge-watching, there is little reason why a person would start believing characters were part of their own life. For some shows I would be happy if this were the case. For Mindhorn, however, even with his bionic eye, I can’t imagine the crazy cases he solved being real. Either way, the movie is the perfect Saturday afternoon laugh riot. Mindhorn is available on Netflix now.

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