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Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture

I am an animal lover. I have 3 dogs and they are all important to me. Now, I’ve had many dogs over the years and they all seem to have fairly laid back personalities. But I am wondering if their personalities are as unique as humans? I mean we have differing types of jocks and princesses, nerds and Goths, so do they have that too?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture

Irregular’s Intel – The Battle for Epicness

We’ve done it with our fandoms from the playground on. Who is faster, Flash or Superman? Who is the best fighter, Batman or Daredevil? Who is stronger, Hulk or Thor? And so on, and so on. We’ve seen these battles play out on our comic pages and, back in the day, Wizard Magazine would write out these elaborate scenarios to see who would best the other. But then, with the accessibility of the internet and our fruitful imaginations, things changed.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Battle for Epicness

Irregular’s Intel – Earned Perspective

Recently I turned 47 and I’m proud of that milestone. True, outside of avoiding life ending behaviors it has only meant that I have managed to successfully breath for that long and I embrace that. But it also means that I have gained a certain perspective on certain issues that I would not have otherwise developed.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Earned Perspective

Irregular’s Intel – The Essence of Being

The other evening I was working a knife fighting drill and it reminded me of something I once heard someone say: “I prefer to be a weapon than to need one”. When I first heard that it sounded like the most awesome badass proverb that had ever touched my ears, but as the years went by, it took on a deeper meaning with its own truth. Especially in this gun culture, this phrase should hold significant value. Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Essence of Being