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Irregular’s Intel – Who Is The Black Panther?

It’s official: Black Panther fever has hit and no one is safe! Marvel’s latest entry into the MCU is poised to be a blockbuster and will add another win in the MCU success column. But unless you watch the animated shows, follow the MCU or read Marvel Comics, the character may be a mystery for you. Outside of occasional mentions on various shows the general populace knows very little, if anything, about King T’Challa and his nation of Wakanda. So here is a crash course.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Who Is The Black Panther?

Irregular’s Intel – A Momentous Occasion

A week from now I will have seen the Thursday night premier of Marvel’s Black Panther and I will probably be filled with excitement, hype and all the feels. Now this is different for me than the thrill I felt from Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier or Rogue One. Why, you may ask? Because this is the first time that a major movie company has produced a super hero movie featuring a black super hero and a predominately black cast. You guys know me and know that I rarely, if ever, discuss race. But what is coming is HUGE! And the fact that 47 year old me is here to witness it… well, it’s the stuff blogs are made of!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – A Momentous Occasion

Irregular’s Intel – Obscure Fandoms

Earlier this week, I was researching something and it led me to something else, which led me to something else, which made me ask, “is there a t-shirt for that thing?” which there was, of course. Now, mind you, said thing is an obscure character who most people would have forgotten even existed, unless you were a fan of a certain show. Now, on the same day, I asked my loving wife, if she was on a mission to purchase t-shirts would she purchase the one I had found as well as an even more obscure reference to something in a major fandom. We all do it… there are certain things we geek out about that most people who share the same fandom will ask ”what?” and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Obscure Fandoms

Irregular’s Intel – Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist

Back in 2013, Dynamite Comics produced a Flash Gordon comic unlike anything that had been seen up to that point. For the hardcore fans, there was Mongo in all its splendor. There were the various kingdoms and the overblown egos of its royalty, too. For the casual fans there were references to the cult classic 1980s movie Flash Gordon and there also were references to The Adventures of Flash Gordon from 1979. From Dr. Zarkoff’s ship to some of the clothing, including Ming’s flaming sword, it was all there. But there was a spin… this takes place on Earth in 1934. Read your history and you’ll see why that’s important. Ming and Adolf Hitler? How is that for a bad combination?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist

Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind

The other day I was reminded of probably the most unusual lesson I had ever been taught in my entire life. By this point I was in my mid-20s and had been studying the martial arts for about 10 years. In that time, I had never learned how to deliver a proper sidekick. It always came out ugly and threw me off balance. I hated this because I loved kicking! I would throw roundhouse, front and back kicks all day long. My crescent kick was decent, but I hated that evil sidekick. But all of that changed with a horse ride through the woods.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Benefit of an Open Mind