She Geek Critique – Not My Fandom

Obviously, geeks love their fandoms. That is, after all, a big part of what makes us geeks to begin with. Whether it’s the worlds created in books or movies or games or on television, one we find what we enjoy most we take a deep dive and immerse ourselves in it. Of course, not every fandom is for everyone and there are a few biggies that I just cannot get into.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Enlarging the Universe

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know how I feel about creators messing with their creations after the fact. (I sort of went off a little on a certain comic book icon and a particular movie director about this.) I am of the opinion that once your creation is released to the world (no matter what form it takes), you should let it be appreciated for what it is and not try to meddle with it. Over the past few months, however, some changes have been announced for a couple of iconic works.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Passing It Along

For those who may not know, podcasting is a pretty friendly community. It’s something we noticed almost from the start. Podcasters are always willing to help out with tips, answer questions, even help with promotion. That openness and helpful nature is something that we have tried to continue as our podcasts have grown and expanded.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Polite Punks

This past weekend, I went to the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati (take a listen to issue 100 for background, as well as this week’s issue to find out more). I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’ve been into steampunk for a long time, before it actually had a name. I was into the alternative history stories, books and movies since I was young. And about a decade ago, when the genre was picking up steam (so to speak) and becoming more of a culture of its own, I started seeking it out at conventions.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Good Ol’ Days of Krull

We all know that nostalgia puts a shiny, happy filter on the past, making it difficult to find fault in the things we love. As geeks, we know this all too well as the games, comics and movies of our youths are a beacon of what made us who we are. I was reminded of this over the weekend when I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in a very long time: Krull.   Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Return of a Lust for Life

Twenty years ago, the world was introduced to Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud, as Irvine Welsh’s characters were brought to life on the big screen in Trainspotting. For those unfamiliar with the original, it’s the story of lower-class Scottish lads, most of whom are junkies, and the scheme they come up with to make some quick cash. Trainspotting 2 catches up to see where life has taken each of them and how, once again, they end up concocting another money making scheme.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – A Shell of a Film

I think the first thing I should mention, as this is a review of a live-action version of an anime, is that I hate anime. The Japanese animation style does nothing for me and I’m not a fan of their style of storytelling. So, obviously, I have not seen the original Ghost in the Shell anime movie or series. But for the sake of geekdom (and the fact we were going to talk about it on GW1 anyway), I saw the movie.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Finding Homer

Over the past week I was finally able to find some time to watch The OA. (I’ve heard so much talk about it!) For those not familiar, this is a Netflix series about a young woman, Prairie Johnson, who was missing for seven years and returns home. Seems like a straightforward sort of drama, right? Well, there’s more than one twist to the story, the first of which is the fact that when Prairie went missing she was blind and when she returns her sight has been restored. But that’s just the beginning.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – Not So Distinguished Competition

This weekend I realized why I am so negative about DC, both the comics and the movies. It’s not because I feel there needs to be a big rivalry between Marvel and DC, and I happen to like Marvel more. No, it’s because, for the past few years, DC and Warner Brothers have ruined the things I used to love about DC characters.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – The Way of the Iron Fist

Considering I’m a Marvel chick, I’ve obviously already binged all of the new Iron Fist series on Netflix. (Plus, of course, we’re talking about it on this week’s Geek Watch One.) And, me being me, you had to know I’d have a little something to say about it. (BTW, for a quick background on the character check out the Comics Cosmos post from back in January.) Continue reading