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Comics Cosmos – Battle for Infinity

Now that we’ve finally seen the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and geeked out about the sheer number of heroes we’ll be seeing on the big screen, it’s time to step back and see where the plot comes from. The Infinity War comic was a six-issue series published by Marvel in 1992. So the movie is based on that series, right? Well no, not really.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Battle for Infinity

Comics Cosmos – Devil in Blue Jeans

If your comic reading leans toward the “big two”, but you want a change of pace that doesn’t involve your typical hero types you need to check out Devil’s Due Publishing. The company has been around since 2000 and one of their best original characters is Mercy Sparx. She first appeared in 2008 and was created by Devil’s Due founder Josh Blaylock.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Devil in Blue Jeans

Comics Cosmos – Make Them Pay, Frank

If you’re into comics, especially of the street level, not necessarily super hero variety, you’ve heard of Punisher. You may even have watched some (or all) of the new Netflix series. Everyone knows the storyline is dark and full of violence, but not everyone knows the character or motivations that, even though in a comic book setting, make some kind of sense.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Make Them Pay, Frank

Comics Cosmos – Hail to the Queens

Anyone who’s a fan of the high fantasy genre of fiction, encompassing everything from Lord of the Rings to Dungeons and Dragons and beyond, is familiar with the band of rowdy adventurers who travel from village to village, get into scrapes and then drinking it all off in the local pub. Of course, the less enlightened probably picture the entire group (or at least the majority of it) being male. Well then let me introduce you to Hannah, Violet, Dee and Betty, the philandering, foul-mouthed foursome known as the Rat QueensContinue reading Comics Cosmos – Hail to the Queens

She Geek Critique – Bam! Pow! Splat!

Whether you’re a fan of the tv shows, the movies or the comic books themselves, you know about the decades-long rivalry between Marvel and DC. Yes, they are obviously competitors in the same market, but it’s always been a little bit more than that. The products they sell may be the same on a basic level, but there’s always been a “mine is better than yours” attitude between the companies and the fans of their work. And for the fans who, like me, love finding out about behind the scenes details, there’s a great new book on the history of these two comic book giants.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Bam! Pow! Splat!