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Comics Cosmos – Kicking Ass Again

It was 10 years ago this month that the world was introduced to  Dave Lizewski and his superhero persona Kick-Ass in comicbook form. He was a teenager sick of crime who wanted to do something about it. And when he realized he couldn’t do it alone, Dave joined forces with some other street heroes, most notably Hit-Girl, who ultimately got her own comic series as well.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Kicking Ass Again

Comics Cosmos – Tiger Style

If you’re a Marvel fan (or you keep up with this blog), you know about the Daughters of the Dragon. But a few years before Misty Knight and Colleen Wing teamed up, there was a trio of martial artists who called themselves the Sons of the Tiger. They made their first appearance in 1974 in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Tiger Style

Irregular’s Intel – Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist

Back in 2013, Dynamite Comics produced a Flash Gordon comic unlike anything that had been seen up to that point. For the hardcore fans, there was Mongo in all its splendor. There were the various kingdoms and the overblown egos of its royalty, too. For the casual fans there were references to the cult classic 1980s movie Flash Gordon and there also were references to The Adventures of Flash Gordon from 1979. From Dr. Zarkoff’s ship to some of the clothing, including Ming’s flaming sword, it was all there. But there was a spin… this takes place on Earth in 1934. Read your history and you’ll see why that’s important. Ming and Adolf Hitler? How is that for a bad combination?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist

Comics Cosmos – Mutant Pryde

With the announcement last week that Kitty Pryde and Colossus will be getting married in an upcoming issue of X-Men Gold, it seems like a good time for some background on one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants. Yes, I’m talking about Kitty, not Colossus. Because she was pretty much a kid when she first joined the X-Men, she hasn’t always been given a fair shake as the formidable character she is.  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – Mutant Pryde