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Irregular’s Intel – Where Do We Go From Here?

Right now, anything every geek is talking about is Black Panther and with good reason. It has obliterated records, exceeded expectations, and is a cultural phenomenon. All these things are awesome, they really are. And, as I was thinking about the deeper impact this movie has had, it brought a question in my mind – where do we go from here?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Where Do We Go From Here?

Gotham Gal West Coast – How an Action Movie Taught Me the Value of Community

It’s been a full week since I’ve seen Black Panther for the first time, and I still cannot get it out of my head. While we’ve heard about the movie and the amazing female characters within it, there’s another important aspect of the film—Community. Black Panther takes community to a different level than any Marvel Cinematic Universe film before it; audiences can only hope that this undercurrent continues in future films.  Continue reading Gotham Gal West Coast – How an Action Movie Taught Me the Value of Community

Irregular’s Intel – When the Morning Comes

You start to feel it sometime during the final blowout of a con or maybe during that last rushed meal between panels, but it is still there… that quiet gnawing feeling that “this is all about to end”. A convention can become an escape and cocoon of sorts. You’re surrounded by your tribe, being your most true self without having to explain or apologize to anyone. It’s awesome and filled with your own brand of reckless abandon, but then you see the cracks beginning to form and reality begins to creep in. It’s the packing for the trip home and making sure that you haven’t forgotten that awesome thing that you might have paid too much for, but, whateva, it’s a con! And the clock ticks closer to the return to the life before. But that’s just the beginning.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – When the Morning Comes

Best Geeky Finds – Everybody Has a Story

You may have only been 10-years-old, but you constantly hear the same story at every family get-together. You hear it so much that you also tell your friends and coworkers. They relate to your story and start telling their own adventures, which inspire others to tell tales, etc., etc. Ultimately, you hear one of these stories that remind you of the same tale you’ve been hearing since your childhood. Everything comes full-circle.  Continue reading Best Geeky Finds – Everybody Has a Story

Irregular’s Intel – Street Cred

I am fresh from seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and, wow, what a movie! Honestly, I think that it is the best Spider-Man movie that I have seen! But, that’s not what I’m writing about. There’s a point in the movie where Peter is going on  about how he wants to handle the “big stuff” and he wants to be an Avenger. Stark asks him why can’t he just be a “friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man”? It is kinda treated as a “stay in your lane, kid” kind of moment. But, as I was talking things out with Miss Dawn, she brought up an interesting point: Is that really such a bad thing?

Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Street Cred