GW1 Issue 97 – Beauty of Disney Remakes

It’s the end of the month and we’re enjoying ourselves at The Malted Meeple once again. After we get through Kylan’s various theories on dance movies, there’s a little bit of news to share and then it’s on to Disney. We have a review of the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast and then we chat about the dozen or so live action remakes Disney has planned for the next few years. Listen now!  Continue reading

GW1 Issue 96 – Power of the Iron Fist

Netflix came out with the next installment in its Marvel shows this past weekend and, no surprise, we binged it all and want to talk about it. So… spoilers! But before we get to that, there were some interesting news tidbits this week, including a crazy schedule for the upcoming season of 12 Monkeys and a big change in ticket sales for a major convention. Listen now!  Continue reading