Playing Around – Combining Traditional Slots with the Online Fantasy World

Most people enjoy gaming in one form or another. Sometimes it is games of the tabletop or RPG variety in a social setting, sometimes it is the consoles set up at home to play with family or friends, and sometimes it is games we find online. I am not just talking about connecting your console games via the internet to engage with other players, though. I am talking about games that live on the internet, ones that you just cannot find offline.  Continue reading

Playing Around – Time to Switch

The newest gaming console making waves right now is the Nintendo Switch. A lot of gamers have been excited about it because of the different playability (being able to play it as a standalone or on a tv, for one) and the games that will eventually be available for it. Of course, it’s yet another system that runs a few hundred dollars so many are on the fence about whether to get it.  Continue reading

Meeple Moments – Publisher’s Spotlight: Cryptozoic Entertainment

Our friends at The Malted Meeple like to give some extra attention to their favorite board game publishers and designers. In their Publisher’s Spotlight they provide a bit of a background on the publisher, discuss a few of their games, and may even announce a visit to The Meeple by some of the publisher’s representatives!

Publisher: Cryptozoic Entertainment  Continue reading

Meeple Moments – GM Responsibilities: Beyond the Table

Occasionally we feature a post from our friends at The Malted Meeple. This time around, it’s about Game Masters and the roles they play.

In previous articles, we discussed some of the roles filled by players in a role playing game. Some of these roles involved combat, some involved support. Some were specialized, while others were generalized. In roleplaying games players often get to choose which roles they want to fill; that is often a luxury not available to the Game Master. Of all the people sitting at the table, it is the Game Master who often has the most responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities have nothing to do with role-playing, but they are still important.  Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Because Reasons

GGBSo… um… yeah, I know I didn’t post a blog once over the past month and I have a very good reason for that – 16 reasons actually. Pokemon Sun and Moon came out this, well last, month and sold very, very well making $10 million in its first 10 days of being released worldwide. It was the highest preordered game that Gamestop has had in the last 5 years, so yeah, that’s saying something.  Continue reading

Special Guest Post – Survive the Horde Kickstarter

GW1-blog-guestA couple months ago (back in Issue 67), we had some Gen Con coverage that included an interview with Evan Johnson, the creator of Survive the Horde Party Game. At the time, he was giving people a tease of the game before it even hit Kickstarter. Well, the time has come and the Kickstarter is now live, so we thought we’d have Evan provide a follow up and give more details about the game.  Continue reading