GW1 Issue 97 – Beauty of Disney Remakes

It’s the end of the month and we’re enjoying ourselves at The Malted Meeple once again. After we get through Kylan’s various theories on dance movies, there’s a little bit of news to share and then it’s on to Disney. We have a review of the new live action version of Beauty and the Beast and then we chat about the dozen or so live action remakes Disney has planned for the next few years. Listen now!  Continue reading

GW1 Issue 96 – Power of the Iron Fist

Netflix came out with the next installment in its Marvel shows this past weekend and, no surprise, we binged it all and want to talk about it. So… spoilers! But before we get to that, there were some interesting news tidbits this week, including a crazy schedule for the upcoming season of 12 Monkeys and a big change in ticket sales for a major convention. Listen now!  Continue reading

Miss Dawn’s Musings – Another Year Older

This week Geek Watch One records issue 89 at The Malted Meeple. It’s a number that doesn’t really carry much significance. What is significant, however, is the fact that it’s our two year anniversary. That’s right, somehow we have managed to continue recording this little podcast for two entire years!  Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – You Must Remember This

Blog-BGFDid you ever wonder how Howard Hughes had so many lovers at the same time while being neurotic about everything?

How about the strange public life of Madonna and Warren Beatty before her relationship with Sean Penn?

Do you know about the mysterious connections between Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon and Brandon Lee’s The Crow? Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – Listeners Beware, There Is No Scare

Blog-BGFWhen I was a kid I was not very into anything remotely scary. I stayed away from Halloween, hid whenever certain episodes of the Twilight Zone came on, and most of all judged certain books by their covers if they looked scary. I especially did this with the Goosebumps books. This is why it wasn’t until 6th grade that I even cracked a Goosebumps book, and that was the superhero book (if you’ve watched the even worse TV show you may recall this is the episode with Adam West donning his tights again) because it had a campy image on the cover instead of something scary like Slappy the dummy. Around this time the television show premiered on Fox and I enjoyed it a lot. There were some episodes I couldn’t handle, mainly because at that age I couldn’t recognize really bad CGI. Continue reading

Best Geeky Finds – What Happened at Limetown?

Blog-BGFEmergency dispatch gets a call.

“Hello, can you hear me…We need emergency services in Limetown… Ambulances… Fire….Turn it off!” The call cuts out. When reporters and emergency services arrive, the police inform everybody that there are no problems there anymore. In fact, there is nothing and nobody there anymore—all 327 people living in the small gated community have vanished. Continue reading