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If you’re into steampunk at all, you will have heard of the Lady Mechanika series. And if you’re new to the genre and want a comic book series full of adventure (and fantastic artwork), then you need to give it a read. 

Originally planned as a six-part miniseries when it debuted in 2010, Lady Mechanika follows the adventures of a detective in Victorian London who is part human and part machine. A driving force of the plot is her quest to find out about her past, which she can’t remember, and how she was turned into the mechanical marvel she is. As she attempts to unravel her own mystery, she helps solve others, which often involves science and the supernatural.

Created by artist Joe Benitez, these comics are wonderfully illustrated, showing a world of scientific and mechanical wonders, steam trains and airships, Victorian cities and jungle outposts. The detailed plots move quickly, with a lot of action and adventure along the way. The series will keep readers interested, entertained and wanting more.

Now available in three collected volumes (well beyond the initial six issue plan – and they are still coming out with more), Lady Mechanika takes readers through a world that never was, from London to Mechanika City to a lost city in Africa and back again. It’s a fun ride for those into steampunk and a great introduction to the variety the genre offers.

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