Comics Cosmos – Young and Restless

Many comic book readers prefer stories that are more “real world” than the average superhero title. They want something intense and gritty that really captures their attention. One such book, published by Black Mask Studios, is Young Terrorists

The series is set in a dystopian present/future time period with questionable policing and a big brother feel. It’s a good mix of real world and scifi – the characters and the places they live or travel to are relatively recognizable. There just happens to be some futuristic tech involved along the way. And considering the times we’re living in right now, it’s easy to identify with some of the situations and frustrations.

From the publisher:

“The daughter of an assassinated globalist kingpin breaks out of an internment camp and leads her fellow escaped prisoners in a battle against an elitist conspiracy of shadow governments, megabanks, and military juntas in this dark, subversive thriller.”

This is one of the more intense books you’ll find on the comics charts right now. There is strong language, a lot of violence and yes, adult situations. And though it’s from a small publisher, the art and writing have the quality to stand with the “big two”, at least if recent popularity is any indication.

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