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Over the past year my household has given a bit of support to Kickstarter campaigns. We’ve supported artists, musicians, game developers and a host of other endeavors (even cricket protein bars… that was the wife’s idea). It got me to thinking. Kickstarter (and other forms of crowd funding) is a great way for us to take an active role in what we enjoy. It’s no longer just buying the game at the store, it is getting a bit of a reward for donating to the effort of getting it off the ground. It is being there as that newest album takes shape or helping an artist bring a dream to life. It is the opportunity to put a bit of yourself into what you enjoy. 

I get excited watching a Kickstarter reach its goal, then seeing how many stretch goals it can reach. And that bit of pride in knowing that, if you were a backer, you are a part owner of that. Unfortunately, it is true that there are many campaigns out there that fall short of their goals, too. But that is the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Not every good or great idea makes it, but more do because the power is placed in the hands of the people, and that’s what this is all about. I guess that it may be safe to say that Kickstarter is a highly visible part of the Geek Revolution!

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