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I am fresh from seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and, wow, what a movie! Honestly, I think that it is the best Spider-Man movie that I have seen! But, that’s not what I’m writing about. There’s a point in the movie where Peter is going on  about how he wants to handle the “big stuff” and he wants to be an Avenger. Stark asks him why can’t he just be a “friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man”? It is kinda treated as a “stay in your lane, kid” kind of moment. But, as I was talking things out with Miss Dawn, she brought up an interesting point: Is that really such a bad thing?

So often we’re told that we should be pushing for more. That you have to have the bigger promotion, you have to have the bigger territory… more, more, more. Now, I’m not saying that wanting to grow and expand your horizons are bad things, not at all. But I am saying that if someone has found fulfillment on the smaller stage, what is wrong with that? The best description of this is in Marvel Comics. Luke Cage can and has played on the big field with Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. But he is at home protecting his hood. He understands that the little people need a big hero, too. And that’s true in life. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it small, if that is what you want.

When I was younger, I used to want the title, the corner office and all of the things that went with that. But as I got older and saw that my life outside of work was so much more than I could have imagined it being, I was fine with being the little guy because it allows me to have the bigger role where it counts. I can’t brag about the promotions and whatnot… and I am good with that. I’d much rather have an epic life outside of my job than a lackluster one because of my job. So, if you’re street level wherever you are and you’re happy with that, own that shit and be epic where you want to be.

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