Playing Around – Combining Traditional Slots with the Online Fantasy World

Most people enjoy gaming in one form or another. Sometimes it is games of the tabletop or RPG variety in a social setting, sometimes it is the consoles set up at home to play with family or friends, and sometimes it is games we find online. I am not just talking about connecting your console games via the internet to engage with other players, though. I am talking about games that live on the internet, ones that you just cannot find offline. 

If you have been on Facebook for any length of time, it is highly likely you have played a game or two there (or at least been sent a request of some kid from a friend who plays). A strategy game like Candy Crush makes the rounds on a pretty regular basis and there are all kinds of copycat puzzle games around. Then you have the casino games – poker, blackjack, slots – which can be pretty fun, especially if you are the type who enjoys swinging by real casinos on occasion and want to get in a little practice. Of course, you can play versions of all of these games without spending any money.

But there are times when making a little money on these games can be a fun pastime – or even a career, if you have read about some of those online poker players. It is not just the card games this can happen with though. You can actually play online slots for real money. And just like in real casinos, you can bet a little or a lot on these slots and potentially win a nice chunk of change. Sure, there is some luck involved, but the great thing about slots is not having to learn rules of play – everyone can do it.

Of course there are people who are against playing games like this for money. That’s fine if you are not a fan (we are not going to judge you either way). Lots of people are against playing the lottery too. But if you consider the odds in your typical lottery, there seems to be a much better chance of winning a little something playing online games. Then you can use those winnings to buy that overpriced console game that just came out!

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