Playing Around – Time to Switch

The newest gaming console making waves right now is the Nintendo Switch. A lot of gamers have been excited about it because of the different playability (being able to play it as a standalone or on a tv, for one) and the games that will eventually be available for it. Of course, it’s yet another system that runs a few hundred dollars so many are on the fence about whether to get it. 

Though sales figures won’t be out until April, media reports are showing strong initial sales, with more than 300,000 sold in Japan in just the first three days of release and 80,000 in one day in the UK. But of course, those are the hardcore gamers who have been anticipating the launch for months. The real test will be seeing if sales remain consistently strong.

Of course, as happens with all consoles, there have been a few complaints. The biggest one seems to be dead pixels (dark squares) on screen. Nintendo is claiming that’s normal, but some have been pointing out that it’s more distracting on the handheld mode than is typical. Time will tell how much of a problem that really is. Gamers are also complaining about the lack of big games on launch, but that seems to be a trend when a new console comes out.

Are you considering a Switch? Let us know what you think about it.

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