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Irregular’s Intel – Too Old for Comics!?

When I was a kid I used to read comics from cover to cover. I still do now, but the difference is back then almost all comics had a letters section in the back. This was where the readers would sound off about the previous issue, or two or three issues ago, depending on the book. Anyway, I remember that a lot of the readers were military men. They would talk about the quality of the art and the impact of the story arc and how the color was off on this panel on that page, but it was overall a good issue. That made an impression on me for two reasons. My Pop and two of my uncles were in the armed forces, so it meant that people like them were reading comics – in fact, my Pop actually was at the time. Secondly, it meant that grown men were reading comics. This practically blew my mind. There were letters from other people who may or may not have been adults, but I knew that if they posted a military address, they were grown-ups. This told me that I might never be too old for comics!  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Too Old for Comics!?

Irregular’s Intel – In Praise of Independents

In the late 80s there was this terrible TV show based on an awesome comic, Jon Sable, Freelance. The TV show was called Sable and it was largely forgettable, but it did three things for me:

  1. Introduced me to an awesome character that I still admire to this very day
  2. Introduced me to the awesome that is Mike Grell (I didn’t get introduced to Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters until a few years later)
  3. Introduced me to my first independent comic company “First Comics”

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Comics Cosmos – When the Con Meets the Merc

ccIn the miniseries Deadpool v Gambit (recently released as a trade), the Merc with a Mouth teams up with the smooth Cajun con man to, what else, pull another con. The two have a secret history of working together even though, as happens with most people who know him, Gambit doesn’t much like Deadpool. But the real issue here is who’s really being conned?!  Continue reading Comics Cosmos – When the Con Meets the Merc

Irregular’s Intel – Reboots Aren’t Just for TV and Movies Anymore

Blog-IIA few years ago, Kevin Smith penned a reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man called The Bionic Man. It had many of the things that I loved about the iconic show, but it also was updated for the  21st century (as a matter of fact, I think he was upped to six billion dollars). Nanotech was introduced as well as some abilities that Steve Austin did not have in the original series, things I felt worked. Not long after The Bionic Woman followed with similar success. But then I started to notice something… reboots were popping up everywhere! Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Reboots Aren’t Just for TV and Movies Anymore