Irregular’s Intel – Now That We’ve Met Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Luke Cage and Danny Rand have both stepped up to the plate and had their series on Netflix. Now the wait is on for Marvel’s The Defenders. That’s all well and good, but the bigger question is, are we ready for a live action Heroes for Hire? I’d say, no. Danny and Luke need to sort out their personal stuff before we get to have Power Man and Iron Fist.  Continue reading

She Geek Critique – The Way of the Iron Fist

Considering I’m a Marvel chick, I’ve obviously already binged all of the new Iron Fist series on Netflix. (Plus, of course, we’re talking about it on this week’s Geek Watch One.) And, me being me, you had to know I’d have a little something to say about it. (BTW, for a quick background on the character check out the Comics Cosmos post from back in January.) Continue reading

Irregular’s Intel – That Thing About Iron Fist

IrregularIntelEarlier this week my wife shared with me an article about the sensitive issues surrounding the casting of Danny Rand, Iron Fist in the upcoming Netflix series of the same name. In the article, written by Kwame Opam and posted on, the author points out how, in his current depiction, the character is a white male whose behavior is steeped in Asian tradition. Although it is a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Tibetan and several other Asian cultures, the author points out how it can be viewed as appropriative. Especially with the way Marvel has been working towards showing more diversity in the cinematic and comic universes, this could be a touchy subject. Continue reading