Playing Around – Time to Switch

The newest gaming console making waves right now is the Nintendo Switch. A lot of gamers have been excited about it because of the different playability (being able to play it as a standalone or on a tv, for one) and the games that will eventually be available for it. Of course, it’s yet another system that runs a few hundred dollars so many are on the fence about whether to get it.  Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Triple A Drought

GGBHey geeksters!

So after a few weeks of no real games coming out I realized that we are kinda in a drought for triple A games. I mean, Square was supposed to release Final Fantasy 15 tomorrow, but they pushed it back. And two weeks ago Shantae: Half-Genie Hero was supposed to arrive, but it got pushed back. Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – No Surprises with PS4 and NX

GGBHey geeksters!

So yesterday we were treated to the PlayStation event revealing the worst kept gaming secret of the last year: the PlayStation 4 Pro. That thing we all knew about last week, will be priced at $400 and we all know what that means – the regular PS4 is coming down in price… again. Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – Nintendo or Bust

GGBSo it’s a weird time to be a Nintendo fan. We’re in a drought of games, waiting for a mid-cycle replacement for the WiiU and the Nintendo direct today is about the 3DS. I mean that’s fine and dandy, but with rumors that Nintendo is dropping the system in 2018 it makes me think about what the NX is going to be. Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – NX Wish List: F-Zero

GGBHere’s another of the games on my NX wish list.


Speaking of easy games (like Mario Galaxy 2 that I mentioned last week), bring back F-Zero. Those games are so freaking hard and bringing them back would show kids what games were like! This new age of games being super hand holdy is just goooah! Continue reading

The Gamer Geek Blog – NX Wish List: Mario

GGBThe Nintendo NX is eight months out and still literally nothing is known about it other than the fact that it will be able to run Zelda Breath of the Wild and that’s pretty much it – everything else is a rumor. Nintendo doesn’t have a whole lot of pushing power when it comes to reasons to buy the thing, so I made a list of games I would want to see on the NX. While most of the list is Nintendo games, there are some 3rd party. I’ll write about one game a week for awhile. Continue reading