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Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture

I am an animal lover. I have 3 dogs and they are all important to me. Now, I’ve had many dogs over the years and they all seem to have fairly laid back personalities. But I am wondering if their personalities are as unique as humans? I mean we have differing types of jocks and princesses, nerds and Goths, so do they have that too?  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Animal Culture

She Geek Critique – Why Marvel Rules the Box Office

Brace yourselves – this week I’m going flat out Marvel vs. DC. Yes, I’m a Marvel chick, but to reiterate what I’ve stated in past posts, I do not hate DC. The majority of the characters and plots in its comics simply don’t do it for me. Marvel just does a better job of satisfying my tastes. But there is one area where DC really does take a backseat, even with the general public: movies.  Continue reading She Geek Critique – Why Marvel Rules the Box Office

Irregular’s Intel – Earned Perspective

Recently I turned 47 and I’m proud of that milestone. True, outside of avoiding life ending behaviors it has only meant that I have managed to successfully breath for that long and I embrace that. But it also means that I have gained a certain perspective on certain issues that I would not have otherwise developed.  Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Earned Perspective

Irregular’s Intel – The Essence of Being

The other evening I was working a knife fighting drill and it reminded me of something I once heard someone say: “I prefer to be a weapon than to need one”. When I first heard that it sounded like the most awesome badass proverb that had ever touched my ears, but as the years went by, it took on a deeper meaning with its own truth. Especially in this gun culture, this phrase should hold significant value. Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – The Essence of Being

Irregular’s Intel – Defending Your Geek

Earlier this week I was talking to a coworker about The Dark Tower. I admitted that I had not read the series, but thought that the movie was alright, but I had the feeling that fans of the novels would not be happy. This led to a discussion about movie adaptations as a whole and then segued into movie adaptations of animated properties. Continue reading Irregular’s Intel – Defending Your Geek